A return to the ‘city that never sleeps’

New York

NYC talks to me
Slow like some rivers on our mother’s T.V
NYC she speaks to me in tongues
Keeps me to her breast pumps air into my lungs

Neneh Cherry 2014

From the day we arrived in New York for the first time ever back in 2010 there was never any doubt we would return. Our footsteps pounded wellworn pavements as if returning to a much loved home town whilst every disovery of food, architecture and design felt as though it had been created for our presence. All the people of this living, breathing city didn’t seem to understand a word spoken with Australian accent but we were welcomed at every turn. We were planning our return from the moment the plane left the runway, and suddenly, after 4 years of life as we know it in the real world, we are back in New York City. Just as if we’ve never left.

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