Country roads. North East Victoria. Winter 2013.


This photo was taken while out trail running in Kelly Country, north east Victoria in 2013. It could have been taken in 1960, it could have been taken yesterday. The dirt roads, the dust, the mud, the eucalyptus, the flies, the tree-lined double track trails. If you’re lucky you may see a farmer wave as you run past. Usually though it’s just you and the cows, the kookaburras and cicadas.

These roads once provided routes for Ned Kelly to take back roads from Glenrowan through Tatong to Mansfield. These roads once provided safe haven for drunken farmers to drive home after a day at the local football club or a night at the local pub after a long and lonely week working the paddocks on their own. They service shooters, trail bike riders, horse riders, campers, hikers, farmers and explorers. These roads are where I grew up. They all look exactly the same but every one has it’s own personality, it’s own stories. I will always return.