Window shopping. NoHo, New York. September 2010

New York

The Windows. Oh, The Windows. I’m not the sort of person any of my friends would call a ‘shopper’. I barely update my wardrobe, I wear the same old 4 pairs of shoes all the time. It’s now September 2014 and I’m wearing the same Levi’s I bought in New York four years ago.

New York though, is another story. New York is ALL about the The Windows. It makes even the most anti-shopping of us drool. The Windows draw us into worlds we would never enter at home, worlds we never even knew existed. We discover Americana homewares and makeup parlours and Lego World and The B&H Superstore (add it to your MUST VISIT list when in NY). Seriously, I’ve never been so enamoured with clothes and shoes in my life. It seems every single window is AMAZING and we must visit everywhere.

This was an Argentinean outdoor adventure-wear shop which I just had to visit. I didn’t buy anything but that is beyond the point. The evening-lit Window drew me in.